Founded in 1801: over 200 years in the glass market
Plant of the chemical glassware and devices "Druzhnaya Gorka"


Plant of the chemical glassware and devices "Industrial company Druzhnaya Gorka" LLC

Plant of the chemical glassware and devices, called , was founded in 1801 by I. Riting, a German manufacturer. The plant is situated in the village of Elite of Gatchina district Leningrad region, Russia. Today, the production establishment produces the following:

  • chemical glassware and devices used in medical and industrial chemical laboratories.
  • products made of opaque quarts glass (SiO2 - 99.6 % Al2O3 - 0.18 % Fe2O3 - 0.05 %) insulators, quartz pots, vats, crucibles, muffs, muffles, pipes, powder and other.

Products are used in:

  • chemical industry - acid-proof, thermo-proof glassware: pots, vats, crucibles and other - for obtaining of chemically pure reagents;
  • metallurgy heating engineering - pipes for gas-purification in melting industry, thermocouple covers, insulators, furnace pipes, and quartz powder for casting form production.
  • container glassware of various capacity for eatables.

Our enterprise is looking for long-terms relations with customers, as well as manufacturers of equipment for glass manufacturing industry.

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